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An artisanal masterpiece

The Distillery

LANDDREA GIN is located in a unique and unpolluted territory.

In the Cembra Valley, which is part of the Fiemme Mountains. Nature is majestic and powerful in this part of the Dolomites.

46° 11′ N, 11° 13′ E

The tradition of distillation has Trentino origins.

One of the oldest distilleries in the province, an artisanal masterpiece was founded in this wonderful territory.
Bruno, the master distiller, has shaped the alembic copper stills with his own hands to optimize efficiency and give a personal touch. Here, the infusion and distillation take place with the classic discontinuous bain-marie alembic still that is steam powered.

Our approach is to distillate with a great deal of precision in the right amount of time and with respect for the raw materials.

Tempo. pazienza. sapienza artigiana

“We start with the produce of the land to create a little magic: the search for the best fruit, the best berries. . . where science and art meet”.

he production process begins with the selection of raw material: alcohol of very high quality and fresh-picked juniper that is broken but uncrushed in order to preserve the aroma. Next, add lavender, chamomile, fresh raspberry and other herbs. Everything is then distilled in a skilful infusion mix during a period that must not be revealed. These are the great secrets of a distillation that has given life to LANDDREA Gin.

Distillation is an art form for us. Patience, knowledge, mastery, experience, and technology are combined.

Artisanal distillation with a discontinuous cycle

The real plus is having full control of both the heating temperature and the flow of the distillation.

Therefore, “TIME” becomes the fundamental value.

We have dedicated TIME and patience to produce this gin; to allow all its components to blend and turn into an exceptional harmony of aromas and flavours.

TIME for the final dilution with the spring water. From an alcohol content of about 72° you arrive to a reduction of 43°. . . all thanks to great attention to detail during the final filtration process.

Aging and refinement for a TIME period of 9 months before launching the product on the market to reach an optimal aromatic and flavourful result. Thus, we can declare that LANDDREA Gin . . .

is unique.

It is an artisanal gin that is the result of passion and knowledge.